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Angela Nuss

Angela NussAngela Nuss is my first “second generation” client. Her father has been a client for many years. When Angela got serious about moving on in her career, he suggested we get together.

Angela recently graduated from Bentley College with a degree in Management. Her career goal is Event Planner. She is currently working in this field part time and is looking forward to making it a full time career.

After our initial phone conversation, we decided she could use some help updating her professional image plus perfecting her networking and interviewing skills. We started by doing her color analysis; she is a winter. We then went shopping for a few new suits. She already owned many tops that will coordinate with the suits and create a working wardrobe.

Our next meeting was a combination of cosmetic application instruction, goal setting, interviewing and networking skills. It was a lot for one session but Angela is eager to get her career in order. That day proved to me Angela can handle a hectic schedule with many tasks effectively. Qualities a good Event Planner must have.

Angela has a very upbeat personality; she is fun and has a great attitude. I am confident she will be a very successful Event Planner.

Jane Carroll

Jane CarrollJane was a referral from another of my clients. She is a very lovely lady and professional woman. Our relationship has gone on for a few years now. I have come to know her not only as a client but also as a friend.

We started a few years ago with a friendly conversation about what she was looking for in my services. I always like to get to know my client's lifestyles, interests, careers, goals, budget, etc. before we begin.

The first thing we did was Jane's color analysis. Color is the basis for my image development services; I often like to begin there. We discovered she is a "winter" and should wear cool, bright colors.

Next we culled through her closet, weeding out everything that did not fit her figure type, personality, career, goals, lifestyle and color scheme. I gave her some suggestions to fill in the "gaps" in her wardrobe. Jane loves to shop and was excited to purchase the new things.

Approximately 2 years later Jane was ready for my cosmetic and skincare application instruction. She is currently seeing the results from my skincare and makeup line.

Check out Jane wearing her “cool, vibrant" colors! Her wardrobe, accessory and makeup colors all complement her skintone and natural hair color. She looks fantastic! (See more pictures of Jane on my Before and After page.)

A word from Jane:

Hi Lori,

I was away for about 10 days, and my make up was waiting for me when I got home. I absolutely love the product - the quality is amazing. I also love all you taught me.

Today I am wearing a red linen shirtdress that you told me to change the buttons from white to red when you did my clothes two years ago. I never got to it and did it last night, and it looks great. It is cool as well. I want to order a few more things soon. I need to look at the catalog.


Jennifer Lane

Jennifer LaneJennifer Lane is a certified financial planner and owner of Compass Planning Associates, LLC. She came to Gretje (Gretje Ferguson Photography) and me to help her with new photos for press releases and her web site. She was a delight to work with! Her intelligence and warm, caring personality really shines through in her photos.

A Word from Jennifer:

Hi Gretje --

Thanks so much for your wonderful work. I hate having my picture taken and you and Lori made the experience not only painless but fun. I felt like a movie star!

I especially appreciated having Lori available to do makeup and hair. It was so great that she stayed for the whole session! She helped me feel more confident about the way I looked -- which made me feel more relaxed – and I liked having her there to watch what was going on with the pictures. Her idea with the scarves worked great. I can't imagine spending the money -- and particularly the time -- having pictures done without the extra service of having an image consultant right there. She was a great touch!


Gail Van Kleeck

Gail Van KleeckGail Van Kleeck is a wonderfully creative person. It was fun working with Gail’s artistic flair when developing her new image. With the publishing of her book, she needed press release pictures and a change in her entire appearance for her promotional tour and speaking engagements.

We began with casual conversation about her personality, career goals, body image and preferences for her new look. I conducted a color analysis to find her best colors in wardrobe, makeup, accessories. I showed her new makeup application techniques. We culled out her entire closets (upstairs and down) removing the pieces that no longer portrayed the "New Gail". I made some suggestions about what she needed to add to her current wardrobe, accessories and makeup.

Gail had her press release photos (above) done by Gretje Ferguson Photography. I assisted with makeup application, wardrobe and accessory suggestions and basic grooming before and during the shoot.

I highly recommend Gail’s interior design services. Her book "How You See Anything is How You See Everything", changed my life. I know it will have a positive impact on yours too.

A Word from Gail:

Lori Johnson is a genius!!!

She helped me zero in on the nuances of color that make me look my best, then taught me make up tricks that helped me to feel prettier than I had felt in years. After that, she set to work weeding out my closet, and giving me solid suggestions about the styles I needed to keep in mind as I began to purchase new clothing.

I'm an interior designer. My company, Dover Interiors has been serving residential clients for nearly 30 years. These clients seem to trust me most when I look artistic, colorful, creative and vibrant.

Last year, after 25 years of working and dreaming, my book "How You See Anything is How You See Everything", was endorsed by John Gray, author or "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" and sold to a publisher. Now I spend my extra moments giving inspirational presentations that demonstrate how a difference in our focus can make a difference in our life. My audiences seem to relate to me best when I look peaceful, quiet, gentle and warm.

Lori has taught me how to achieve both "looks" by building on the basics of my wardrobe. She has made a huge difference in my ability to present myself positively, under widely varying circumstances. I am most grateful for her wonderful talent.

Gail Van Kleeck

Lyn Buckley-Mogan

Lyn Buckley MoganLyn Buckley Mogan has been one of my best clients for about 5 years now. She has experienced many of my workshops and one-on-one consultations. We have worked closely together to develop her image to match her professional career advancement. Lyn has seen much success in her writing career both as a corporate employee and as a business owner. I am proud to be a part of her success.

A Word from Lyn:

“Rubbing elbows with executives, yuck!” Even though I’m a professional writer with all the years of experience, credentials, and plenty of references I’ve always been just a tad nervous about becoming a self-employed writer and computer trainer. As a writing and computer consultant, I’ve plenty to offer area businesses from writing, to desktop publishing, to computer training. So what was holding me back -- image -- more defined -- my own image of me. I’ve simply never been comfortable walking into meetings with business executives and selling -- myself. Why not? I simply didn’t look the part and didn’t feel the part. Suits just don’t suit me and where I do wear makeup, I don’t WEAR makeup. I’d never been comfortable wearing formal business clothing. If you aren’t comfortable in your clothing, you don’t look comfortable in your clothing and the result is giving the appearance that you don’t have any self-confidence.

Lori Johnson taught me that while my thinking that one must don suits and wear makeup to get ahead was not entirely wrong, my choice in clothing and makeup was certainly incorrect. With Lori’s help, I discovered that yes, one can be comfortable in business attire; provided the attire matches the personality type. Also, that one does not have to wear a ton of makeup to put forth a professional image simply the right makeup that matches your color type will do the trick along with proper application. Pulling all these elements together makes me comfortable looking like a winner.

My free-lance writing and computer training business is growing and my dream of self-employment and working from home is not far away. Your Best Image has played a significant roll in helping me reach my work from home dreams.

Lyn Buckley-Mogan