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Your Best Image presentations will increase positive response from your clients and customers and ultimately your bottom line net profit. Our professional image programs are proven to develop a positive attitude, increase self esteem and give your employees the tools they need to develop what we call “personal relateability” so important to client/customer relationships. Each program is customized to fit your organizational culture and image.

Topics Include

  1. Break The Plexiglas Barrier With A Positive First Impression
  2. Corporate Casual Image
  3. Dining Etiquette
  4. Dress Code or Guideline Development
  5. Effective Networking Techniques
  6. Getting Profitable Results From Expos and Trade Shows
  7. How Color Effects Our Image. What Is Color Analysis?
  8. Image For Camera Appearance, Portrait Or Video.
  9. Image For Presentation And Public Speaking
  10. Professional Business Image
  11. Professional Image For Interviewing
  12. Take The Stress Out Of Dress, Getting To Work With Your Wardrobe