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Individual Services

Professional Image

Get answers to develop a great first impression and master your professional appearance. What to do and what not to do in the areas of wardrobe, accessories, hygiene, hair style, cosmetics, classiness, and cost will be discussed and examples presented. This program is a must for anyone involved in outside sales, presentations, interviews and client or customer interaction.

Color Analysis

Determine your best colors to portray a positive image and draw people to you. Gain a healthy, happy appearance. Save money on wardrobe, accessory and cosmetic purchases. Learn what makeup will blend with your skin tone. Color is the foundation for image development. Our certified color consultants will determine your best colors based on your eye color and pattern, hair color and skin response to color through professional color draping. Knowing the colors that look best on you will improve the image and self-confidence of both men and women because they are assured that they look coordinated and professionally put together.

Cosmetic Application

Whatever the occasion, cosmetic application plays an important part of the total look. Our certified consultants will help you through instruction on makeup application for professional image, special occasions, public speaking or camera appearances. We do not just “whip a face on you”, we guide and instruct you on how to apply cosmetics yourself. Our makeup color suggestions and cosmetic line are based on your individual color analysis. Our trained consultants can teach you how to accentuate your best features and hide flaws. We are also available to apply your cosmetics for special occasions.

Makeup In Minutes

Makeup is the most versatile fashion accessory you will ever own. It's also the quickest way to change your look. Can't spend hours on your makeup? All it takes is the right combination of colors and a few simple techniques. You can go from morning to night in minutes. You will see how cosmetics can give you the look to suit your lifestyle.

Makeup and Wardrobe for Camera Appearance

Need a press release photo? Doing an on-camera appearance? Wardrobe and makeup are an important part of a positive appearance for camera. Camera lighting can be very harsh. The appropriate wardrobe and makeup for this lighting are essential to create your best image. We will teach you what will work best for camera and your individual appearance. Consultants are ready to help you choose the right wardrobe, hairstyle and makeup for your photos. Our makeup artists are available to apply your makeup at the shoot location.

Wardrobe Success Strategies

Instruction on appropriate dress for any occasion. Develop your own personal style based on body type, life-style, personality, career goals and budget. Coordinate and accessorize your present wardrobe to enhance what you currently own. Discover what styles will fit you best. Learn the secrets to looking thinner. The end result is a personalized guideline with answers that bring out your best image.

Accessories Made Easy

Learn accessory tips and tricks. Get more looks from your wardrobe with accessories. Bring your favorite outfit, we will show you how to accessorize it. Learn how to use pins, necklaces, earrings, scarves, shoes, belts and handbags to project a polished, pulled together image.

Body Style and Line

A personal proportion critique will be conducted to determine your figure type. We do not believe in the tape measure. Instead, we work with body proportion and balance. You will learn exactly what clothing styles, cuts and lines will flatter your figure. Receive reference examples of styles for jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, blouses, necklines and sleeves that will fit your figure type best. Our certified consultants can teach you how to look like you have lost 10 pounds.

Develop Your Individual Image

Develop your personal style based on body type, life-style, personality, career goals and budget. Discover what styles, fabrics, hairstyles, accessories, etc. will look best on you. Learn the secrets to looking thinner. Receive instruction on appropriate image for any occasion. The result is a personalized guideline with answers that bring out your best image.

Wardrobe Assessment

Many of our clients tell us "I have a jam-packed closet but nothing to wear" or "It is hard for me to look at my wardrobe and put a complete outfit together". First, we will have a conversation about your lifestyle, career goals, amount of time you want to spend on your look, figure type, coloring and wardrobe needs. Lori will help you decide what to keep, what to discard and make a list of what is missing. Ultimately, your closet will have less clothing with more options. Everything will coordinate taking the guessing game out of getting dressed.

Wardrobe Personality

Develop a wardrobe to reflect your individual personality. A series of questions about your personal preferences are combined with information about your body shape and bone structure, facial shape, season of color and the natural qualities of your hair. The result is a personalized guideline with answers to what fabric, clothing line, hairstyle, accessories, etc. bring out the best in you.

Personal Shopper

Do you hate to shop? Do you love to shop but have no time? Is it you can never find anything when you shop? We can help you with all these frustrations. Our personal shoppers will shop with you and guide you to the right choices or we can do your shopping for you. Just let us know what you need. This service will save you time, money and frustration making purchases for yourself or gifts for others.