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Secrets to Looking Thinner

I have a secret everyone wants to know! This month we will put together your "slim image"

Ok, you have been trying so hard to eat right, exercise, drink water, etc. and you are still not as slim as you would like to be. Keep up the good work; we are strong believers that exercise and nutrition are key components to your best image! Some or us are just not as fortunate as others, despite our hard work and diligent effort, our body hangs on to every pound and just doesn't shape up the way we wish it would.

What we wear and how we wear it will make all the difference in how trim we look. It is all about balance and line. Here are a few tricks to help you look slim and trim.

Vertical and Horizontal Lines

Vertical lines create a long lean look; they cause the eye to move up and down creating height. Horizontal lines cause the eye to stop and look horizontally; this creates width. Vertical lines can be created with zippers, buttons, fabric weave or pattern, stitching, scarf, changes in fabric print, accessories, etc. Anything that causes the eye to flow vertically will create the impression of a slimmer figure.

Wear the Same Color Top to Bottom

Shoulders to shoes, wear the same color or hue to create a long, lean silhouette. Every time you create a "break" or change in color, the eye will stop at the color change. That color break also causes a horizontal line (see vertical and horizontal lines above). Dresses, suits, suit-separates and dyed-to-match outfits will achieve this look. Hosiery that matches the hemline and shoes will also help create this look.

Correct Fit

A wardrobe that fits well is essential. Clothing should not be too tight. There should be no lines, pulling of fabric, or bulges showing under the garment. Clothing that is too large or unstructured will add width and weight. The more drape to the fabric the more it gives the appearance of volume, and the larger it will cause you to look. Clothing that fits the body shape well will create a neat slim look. Find a good tailor and take your wardrobe pieces in to be fitted to your body.

Slimming Fabrics

The more nap, weave, bulk, pattern, or print a fabric has the more weight it will add to your body. Choose fabrics that are lightweight, tightly woven and have crispness to them. Patterns and prints do not hide figure flaws, they create a larger appearance. A few examples of "slimming fabrics" are lightweight wool or wool blends, cotton blends, silk, satin, crape, denim, polyester and Tencel™.


Creating a balanced look will help you look thinner. If you are larger from the waist down add "volume" from the waist up. If you are larger from the waist up wear more "volume" from the waist down. By "volume" we mean prints and patterns, bulkier fabrics, shoulder pads, scarves, etc.

Proper proportion of accessories will help also. If you wear an American size 14 or larger, wear accessories that are the size of a quarter (USA coin) or larger. Wearing small accessories cause the body to look larger. Wearing accessories that are large will cause the body to look smaller.


Remember this, light draws out, dark recedes. Bright colors will add weight. The lighter or brighter the color the more it will stand out, draw attention and add weight to the body. Wear dark colors on the area that you would like to look smaller.

Thin Skin

What's new in the beauty industry? Light! Luminescent lotions are to color cosmetics what foundations are to skin care, crossover products that bridge your way to flawless looking skin. Artistry Light Reflective Lotions use light reflecting particles to brighten skin and soften flaws while adding a dewy glow. This new lotion also helps moisturize, smooth and protect the skin. They are oil-free and contain SPF 15 UVA/UVB to help protect skin from sun damage.

I use this product alone when I am on the beach in the summer and skiing in the winter. It adds a healthy glow and sunscreen at the same time. I apply it under my foundation for sexy evening look.

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