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Portrait Sessions

Have your photo taken at a reasonable price with exceptional results.

Press releases, websites, books, articles, etc. all require a photo of you. Although the traditional business headshot may not apply, a photo that is well done is essential. Adding your photo adds a face to your story. It helps the reader connect with you. Be sure you are proud of the story your photo tells.

I always recommend using a professional photographer in a professional environment. Keeping with the current trends the image may be more "relaxed" but the process shouldn't be. The quality will be much better and you will feel comfortable the message you portray will be positive.

A professional makeup and wardrobe consultant is a cost-effective tool to make your portrait look fantastic. A lack of makeup or the wrong makeup and wardrobe choices can negate the positive effects of a terrific photographer.

Gretje Ferguson is a professional photographer. "For years I have loved using my camera as a translator for my world view, which seems to be a combination of optimism, drama and humor. As a portrait photographer, I collaborate with my clients to create a special moment that reflects the reality of who they are."

Lori B. Johnson is a certified image consultant trained in photographic image. "I am passionate about helping you with everything you need to look your best for the photo session, including advice on wardrobe, fabric, accessories, color, hair, makeup and skincare. Most important, I will be at the shoot to do your makeup and touch-up on your hair."

Gretje and Lori have combined their talents for over 10 years to provide natural professional headshots that compel people to want to connect with you! Our photo sessions are a relaxing, enjoyable experience in the comfort of Gretje's beautiful home studio.

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Testimonial -

Testimonial"I love my pictures. When I help people with their marketing, getting decent pictures seems to be a serious stumbling block. Almost everyone tells me how much they hate their pictures. I think I hated every picture that was ever taken of me. Now I have pictures I love. It makes a huge difference! I want that for everyone."

Joy Johnson,
The Inner Office